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When creating wine from water for your arcimage, you made a mistake of splitting magic into individual essences. Now you have to explore the dungeons and find all magical essences.


Movement: WASD or arrow keys

Dialog: Enter

Change equipped essence:
Numerical keys 1-4 (above alphabet keys)

Throw fireball (red essence equipped): E

Reset position of box:
Throw fireball (E key)


Essences give you different abilities.

Light essence:

Provides light.

Spirit essence:

Allows you to travel to the spirit realm. Some objects exist only in given realms.

Fire essence:

Allows you to throw fireballs by pressing E. Fireballs can be used to fight off rats and move boxes back to their original state.

Space essence:

Allows manipulation with objects.


Game by Emily Rook, Eresiel, Mnaukal, Pan Klada and SosiOne.

This game was created for the Lost Cartridge jam in three days.



Essence of Wine.zip 39 MB

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